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      We’re issuing an alert regarding a potential scam that has come to our attention. The scam involves a website named, which is now defunct. An individual claiming to share the same faith contacted a victim via Instagram. The scammer used the name Katherine Kirby and shared a photo of a family to gain trust.

      The victim was persuaded to invest £250 through, with promises that the amount would be increased to meet a $500 minimum requirement supposedly needed for investment. The scammer provided details of an account showing profits but later requested an additional $1500 for further subscription to cash out the alleged earnings.

      Key Details:

      • Scammer’s Alias: Katherine Kirby
      • Initial Contact Method: Instagram
      • Investment Platform Used:
      • Scam Website (Now Defunct):

      The victim has pictures and screenshots of the site and the scammer’s purported family, which might be crucial for OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) investigations. These details could help identify patterns, trace digital footprints, or corroborate the experiences of other victims.

      If you or someone you know has been scammed by the same individual or via the same website, we urge you to share your story. Your information could be invaluable in preventing further scams and assisting others in recognizing similar fraudulent activities. Please, share any details, screenshots, or experiences you have that could help shed more light on this scam.

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