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      Scam Website URL: (Fraudulent Clone, Not Official Site)

      We’ve received a concerning report from an individual whose computer was compromised, leading to unauthorized cryptocurrency transactions. It’s important to note that this incident involved a website masquerading as Coinbase, specifically targeting futures support.

      Details of the Incident:
      – Type of Cryptocurrency: Ethereum (Ether/ERC20 Token)
      – Transaction Hash: 0efbfe5c75298e8f4a6bf9844381f7152b9a069dea9c700c612942642e4fdc5b
      – Receiving Address of Scammer/Hacker: 0xC703170B9435daD1E01c6021631022f65D03260c

      Please Be Vigilant:
      – Confirm the legitimacy of any website claiming to be an official platform. Check for secure connections (HTTPS) and verify through official channels.
      – Be cautious of any unsolicited assistance or requests for sensitive information online.
      – Use two-factor authentication and strong, unique passwords for all accounts.

      If you or someone you know has been affected by a similar scam, please come forward and share your story. By doing so, you can help us gather more information and possibly assist in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) investigations.

      Steps You Can Take:
      – Report the incident to the official Coinbase support team and any relevant authorities in your jurisdiction.
      – Document all communications, transactions, and any other relevant information.
      – Consider reaching out to cybersecurity professionals for assistance.

      Remember, sharing information about such incidents can be crucial in preventing future scams and aiding potential recovery efforts. Stay safe, and always verify before you trust.

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