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      • Scam Name: Bad Instructiond
      • Scam Website URL: CTALLGROUP.CO
      • Transaction Hash: 0x880654849890bb1796ca31c7aba1ce239f92fdf353ca1a6b3cee66f1493a2faa
      • Cryptocurrency Involved: Ether/ERC20 Token
      • Receiving Address: 0xa95B0Cb56a49387fF3fDFdFC8f56BBd664C13dA1

      We have received a concerning report regarding a potential cryptocurrency scam involving the website CTALLGROUP.CO. The complaint describes a loss of Ether/ERC20 tokens, crucially needed for personal expenses, transferred to a suspicious address.

      Please share your story if you have experienced a similar incident or have conducted transactions with this website or address. Your information could be invaluable in building a case and possibly recovering funds. Additionally, if you have any details, such as additional addresses, transaction hashes, or contact information related to CTALLGROUP.CO, please provide them to help others in the community.

      Stay vigilant and always verify the legitimacy of any platform before engaging in cryptocurrency transactions.

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