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      Attention, online community members and fellow internet users, I urge you to be cautious and vigilant regarding transactions involving the website ``

      This is the complaint we received:

      I’ve encountered a distressing situation where I was scammed out of 3500 USDT through an online order on this platform. The transaction was made using Binance with the TRC20 link below:

      • Scammer’s TRC20 Address: TF5R1KMTt982g7FX4HJpQt1driupirmsDc

      If you’ve interacted with or conducted transactions through this website and have faced similar issues, I encourage you to share your experiences. By doing so, we can gather more information and potentially assist each other in understanding the scope of this scam. Your story could provide valuable insights for ongoing or future Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) investigations, helping to trace the scam’s perpetrators or aid others in avoiding similar pitfalls.

      Please include any details you remember from your interaction, such as additional contact information provided by the scammers, specifics of the communication, or any other URLs and cryptocurrency addresses associated with them. Every piece of information is crucial for building a clearer picture of the scam’s operation and could be instrumental in preventing further losses within the community.

      Let’s support each other by sharing our stories and staying informed to avoid falling victim to similar scams.

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