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      Please be cautious and vigilant regarding interactions with the website Reports suggest this site might be part of a scam operation, targeting individuals through Telegram. Users are encouraged to register, fund a cryptocurrency wallet, and follow trading instructions based on SMS alerts from the site’s team.

      Details to Note for OSINT Investigations:

      • Website in Question:
      • Method of Contact: Initially through Telegram, followed by SMS alerts for trading instructions.
      • Activity Requested: Registration on the site, cryptocurrency wallet funding, and trading based on the site’s instructions.

      This setup raises red flags, suggesting a possible scam designed to mislead individuals into making unsecured cryptocurrency transactions. If you or someone you know has encountered this operation or has more information, such as receiving addresses or additional contact information used by the scammers, please share your story.

      To those affected: Sharing detailed experiences can be instrumental in identifying patterns and potentially aiding others in avoiding similar scams. Remember, the inclusion of specific data such as wallet addresses used for transactions, Telegram user IDs, or any other contact details can significantly contribute to ongoing investigations.

      Stay safe and always perform due diligence before engaging in online financial activities.

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