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      Attention community,

      A concerning report has come to our attention involving an individual who lost $3,000 due to involvement with the BITCOIN-AirBit platform. Starting in 2015, the victim was guided by an upline to monitor five accounts purchased with Philippine currency. Unfortunately, after a year, the upline communicated that the AirBit platform ceased operations, leading to suspicions of a scam.

      Details shared by the victim:

      • Platform Involved: BITCOIN-AirBit
      • Amount Lost: $3,000 USD
      • Year of Incident: 2015-2016
      • Method of Payment: Cash, in Philippine currency

      We urge anyone with similar experiences or additional information regarding the BITCOIN-AirBit platform to share their stories. Your input could be invaluable in piecing together the activities of this entity and potentially aiding others in avoiding similar pitfalls.

      Stay vigilant and informed.

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