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      Please be aware of potentially fraudulent activity associated with a crypto trading platform called CEX-TD. An individual has reported that after being prompted by an acquaintance to join this platform, they can now withdraw their funds, amounting to $7500.

      Scam Details:

      • Platform Name: CEX-TD
      • Issue: Refusal to return funds
      • Amount in Question: $7500

      Currently, the specific URL of the trading platform, additional contact details, or cryptocurrency-receiving addresses have not been provided. These details would be essential for a thorough OSINT investigation.

      Please come forward if you have interacted with CEX-TD or a similar platform and encountered issues withdrawing your funds.

      Share any URLs, email addresses, phone numbers, or transaction details related to CEX-TD that could be used to identify and track the entities behind the scam.

      Have you been introduced to CEX-TD by someone you know or been approached by a platform representative?

      Your accounts and the information you provide could be crucial for those conducting OSINT investigations and can also serve as a warning to others. If you have been affected by CEX-TD’s actions or by a similar platform, sharing your story could help prevent further scams. Please ensure any shared details do not compromise your personal security.

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