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      Scam Website URL:

      A complainant has reported a scam associated with, a site that appears to offer cryptocurrency mining services. While Hashflare has been a known service, it’s essential to exercise caution as the complainant has indicated a loss of funds.

      Details for OSINT Investigation:

      • Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin
      • Reported Addresses and Contact Details:
      • Bank: JSC Latvijas pasta banka
      • EUR IBAN: LV08LAPB0000116050167
      • USD IBAN: LV60LAPB0000116056506
      • BIC/SWIFT code: LAPBLV2X
      • Address: HashCoins LP Limited Partnership Nr. SL24271, 44/46 Morningside road, Suite 3, Edinburgh EH10 4BF, Scotland, United Kingdom
      • Email:
      • Telephone: +372 5873 8066

      Invoices with numbers #4641062, #4731932, and #4798144 have been mentioned concerning this complaint.

      If you have had a similar experience with or any other service that promised cryptocurrency returns, failed to deliver, or have been a scam victim, please share your story. Your information can be crucial in alerting and protecting others in the community.

      Include details such as transaction IDs, correspondence, and specific wallet addresses you were instructed to use. This information can be invaluable for investigations and helping others identify and avoid these fraudulent schemes.

      Please stay vigilant and report any suspicious activity to the appropriate authorities. Your cooperation can help in building a safer online environment for everyone.

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