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      Be Alert: Reported Scam with a Website Posing as OpenTable Support

      A scam has been reported involving an entity or individual using the name “Lily Bella” and a website that fraudulently impersonates OpenTable support services.

      Case Details:

      • Scam Name: Lily Bella
      • Scam Website URL: – Be advised that this site may be fraudulent.
      • Cryptocurrency: Ether/ERC20 Token
      • Transaction Hash: 0xAf49b626D003E9eD004352F1b9EDc439B8E7f8c0
      • Receiving Address: 0xA695B6A6e33ce79aaCf1A5FbAc5DD60D8A8Bb417

      If you’ve been affected by dealings with “Lily Bella” or have made transactions to the provided receiving address, your story could help others. Please share any interactions or communications that could assist in an OSINT investigation.

      The message’s sender claimed to offer part-time work for reservations and may have substantial funds accrued through potentially deceptive means. If you have experienced similar offers or transactions, come forward to help build a clearer picture of the scam’s operation.

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