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      If you have been involved with the website MEXC.COM and experienced unauthorized withdrawal of funds, please be alert. A recent complaint indicates that an individual’s account was frozen, and $35,000 was allegedly seized unlawfully from their MEXC account during this period. The victim could not access funds while the market showed positive trends, resulting in significant personal financial impact.

      Case Details for OSINT Reference:

      • Cryptocurrency Involved: Bitcoin
      • Transaction Hash: d02577fca9d8f22b42045c48a15d3204f4c7d15fe080a76047d7ff3b0f681224
      • Alleged Scam Name: MEXC.COM
        Suspected Receiving Address: 33ze68qZoBE9R4uMtRQGNnvgFTYN4sPBUq

      The transaction in question did not reflect on the blockchain, which is highly unusual and suspicious. This could indicate a sophisticated method of diverting funds without the usual transaction trace.

      If you have encountered a similar issue with MEXC.COM or any other platform, please share your story. Your information might support ongoing investigations and help prevent others from falling victim to similar scams.

      To those affected, gathering and sharing all related details, including transaction hashes, wallet addresses, and any communication with the entity in question, can be instrumental for community-driven OSINT efforts.

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          That user was me. If anyone has questions feel free to ask. MEXC still won’t return funds so things should get interesting over the next few weeks. Money on their exchange is not safe.

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