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      If you have used or have been approached to use VelenoTrade‘s services, accessible via, please proceed with utmost caution. A recent report has indicated that this platform might be involved in fraudulent activities.

      Complaint Specifics:

      • The user reports that funds were withdrawn from their account without consent.
      • The withdrawals were made in Bitcoin (BTC).

      Vital Information for OSINT Efforts:

      • Scam Allegation Against Blue- Admin
      • Suspected Scam Website URL:
      • Cryptocurrency Involved: Bitcoin
      • Transaction Hash: f96ded5ee930a81ae20c307238bc734177eb503724174648fd807d469b9620c3
      • Alleged Scam Receiving Address: bc1qjw2w5247k4euesrpleul7ymgk4jrdxd6t3p70u

      Two different withdrawal transactions have been reported, and the details of these transactions are as follows:

      1. Withdrawal 1:

      • Amount: 0.00099982 BTC
      • Withdrawal Time: Sunday at 2:05 PM

      2. Withdrawal 2:

      • Amount: 0.00045921 BTC
      • Withdrawal Time: Sunday at 10:08 PM

      If you have experienced any similar issues with VelenoTrade or if you are familiar with the address bc1qjw2w5247k4euesrpleul7ymgk4jrdxd6t3p70u in the context of Bitcoin transactions, please share your experiences. Your testimony could be crucial for investigations and may help prevent further potential scams.

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