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      Reports have surfaced regarding a suspicious trading platform called Global South Africa, which operates through the website Individuals have been instructed to deposit funds to maintain or initiate trades continuously and have found themselves unable to withdraw their money afterward.

      Case Information:

      • Scam Name: Global South Africa
      • Scam Website URL:
      • Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin (BTC)
      • Transaction Hash: 917096 (partial or indicative)

      Victims have experienced demands to top up their accounts as a precondition for executing trades or accessing their funds, resulting in significant losses.

      Please come forward if you have been affected by Global South Africa or engaged in trades that you couldn’t close without additional payments.

      Share any information on the transactions made, including additional receiving addresses, contact information used by the scammers, or further transaction hashes.

      Details of communications and any demands made by the scammers can aid in OSINT investigations.

      Your contribution is crucial in alerting and protecting the community against fraudulent schemes. If you have a story to tell regarding Global South Africa, your shared experience can be instrumental in preventing others from falling victim to similar traps.

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