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      Urgent Warning to the Community:

      We’ve been alerted to a serious complaint involving a cryptocurrency scam with the guise of a “Travel Investment” opportunity. An international student in Canada, attempting to save money for tuition, has reportedly lost all their funds to this scam.

      Case Details:

      • Scam Name: Travel Investment
      • Scam Website URL: Debox Global Travel Investment (
      • Transaction Hash: 39449a8384a62f26c1ccd20e06843c27a7f9547cac69e0ff76408a38efd73ff2

      Known Associated Details for OSINT Purposes:

      • Withdrawal address (potential scam address): TH7A2tNyV3paA7QqsxBnLYTnFejMXUB7U9
      • Other Relevant Information: Transactions processed with a fee, indicating TRC20 (Tron) network usage.

      If anyone else has experienced transactions with this site or entity and suspects fraudulent activities, you’re encouraged to share your experiences. Your insights are crucial for open-source investigations and could help others identify and avoid similar scams.

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