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      Urgent Alert – Scam Activity Involving Bitcoin Transactions

      Please be aware of a reported scam in which an individual, under the pretense of needing to verify an account for a service payment, defrauded a freelance worker of money. The scammer requested the victim send money to supposedly verify their account’s ability to receive Bitcoin.

      Case Details:

      • Scam Name: Ronald John
      • Scam Platform: Allegedly operating via
      • Known Transaction Hashes:
      • b9910d578265f055b9ce68818c8c6e9012bf4f68ab30b3f593fcae34cde75365
      • fc6921c732fa0bf2ef932ca86d5861d781e838b2f09dab4c191a1a759f0c7ecd
      • Receiving Address (suspected scam address): 1NbqDaZfnYwoVVS3zeJt1xpF777rSugQLK

      Additional Details:

      • The victim was sent a fraudulent check after complaining about not receiving funds.
      • The scammer may also use the email associated with the fraudulent checks to communicate.

      If you have encountered this individual or if the details above are familiar in any way, please share your experiences. Your input is crucial for building a case and potentially preventing further fraudulent activities by this scammer.

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