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      Attention is urgently called to a report concerning a scam involving the trading platform Deri Protocol. A victim has reported being unable to withdraw funds, and their account has been frozen at $1,777.23.

      • Reported Scam Site: Deri Protocol (No URL provided; please verify through official channels)
      • Issue: Funds frozen, account under “in authentication” status
      • Customer Service Response: No response to inquiries

      For OSINT investigators, this situation underlines the importance of verifying the legitimacy of trading platforms before investing. If you have any contact information, website URLs, or specific details regarding transactions with Deri Protocol, those could be crucial in investigating the complaint.

      If anyone else has experienced similar issues with Deri Protocol or any other trading site where funds are frozen, and customer service is unresponsive, please come forward and share your story. It’s vital that these reports are made public to prevent further victims of such scams. Remember to provide only the information relevant to the scam while protecting your own personal data.

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