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      Community Alert: Potential Scam Impacting Individuals on Limited Income

      It has come to our attention that a cryptocurrency scam may be operating under the guise of an organization called “Expert Trades” with the associated website A retiree has reported a fraudulent transaction and provided details that are crucial for OSINT investigations:

      • Scam Name: Expert Trades
      • Scam Website URL:
      • Transaction Hash: bc1qp5xaf54n35qkudt4d0ajjqc4duexe0klksse99

      The individual affected by this scam has expressed a desperate need to recover their funds due to limited income.

      If you or someone you know has been affected by transactions involving this entity or website, please provide your information. Sharing your experience can assist in tracking down the scammer(s) and potentially aid in the recovery of lost funds.

      We ask anyone who has engaged with or has made transactions to the Bitcoin address beginning with “bc1qp5…” to report their experience. Every piece of information contributes to building a stronger case against fraudulent activities.

      Please double-check entities before engaging in cryptocurrency transactions, especially when substantial personal finances are at stake. If you have already been affected, you might want to report the incident to law enforcement and financial regulators in your jurisdiction.

      Together, we can work to safeguard our community from such deceitful schemes.

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