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      Case Details:

      Scam Name: Anydesk
      Scam Transaction Hash: 0x7c8c6a2872142186fa50b0bbe6c99fe0ed8dad57721ca7c7a7e92334c48070e7

      Transaction Details

      Fraudulent Ethereum Addresses:
      Receiving Address: 0x526cFfaf642F1A8B897512cf58A6694bc7062238

      Please be vigilant and steer clear of this scam operation using Anydesk as a front. Investigations should note the specific Ethereum address received by the scam. We urge individuals who have encountered this scam to come forward with their stories and report any additional information they have, including other contact information and related wallet addresses.

      If you have been affected by a scam involving these details, please share your experience to help warn and protect others in the community. Remember to report the scam to the appropriate authorities and platforms to take action against the fraudulent activity.

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