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      The cryptocurrency community has issued a new warning regarding a scam involving Ether and ERC20 tokens. The fraudulent scheme is associated with a dubious site. Please exercise extreme caution and refrain from engaging with this platform or conducting transactions.

      Scam Details:

      • Transaction Hash: 0xec3e7a3b3e178957df0ab3434c6aeef32045c6a25a2cac7d178379ef7f30d2bb
      • Receiving Address: 0xe49e1f7151ac6f46c23ae2d90f2d6fc1babde5ce

      The transaction in question shows a transfer of significant amounts of two ERC-20 tokens. A screenshot provided details of a sending address labeled as “Fake_Phishing322778” and an interaction with another address, suggesting a phishing attack to deceive users into authorizing transactions to a fraudulent address.

      Transaction Specifics:

      • ERC-20 Tokens Transferred: Hedron (HDRN) and another unspecified token.
      • Amounts Transferred:
      • 2,394,608,890.928551424 Hedron (HDRN) valued at approximately $734.57
      • 422,578,039.575626675 Hedron (HDRN) valued at approximately $129.63
      • Transaction Fee: 0.026991878560766876 ETH ($97.07)

      This incident underscores the importance of being vigilant when interacting with crypto assets. Always ensure you are dealing with legitimate and verified websites. Double-check wallet addresses before making any transactions, and be wary of unsolicited requests for your tokens.

      Please share your story if you have experienced a similar scam or have any information related to this incident. Your insights could help others avoid falling victim to similar fraudulent schemes. Remember, awareness and due diligence are key in protecting your digital assets.

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