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      If you’ve come across a scheme promising fast returns on investment through or have been in contact with an entity calling themselves Lighten Networking on Cash App, please be cautious. There is a concerning report about a scam involving an initial $200 investment for a promised $2,400 return in just 10 minutes. This promise has led to a series of losses, including a bounced check supposedly worth $35,000, demands for additional payments for lawyer fees, and complete withdrawal of funds from the victim’s Cash App account with no trace.

      The victim suffered personal injuries and financial distress due to these fraudulent activities. She was coerced into borrowing money from family and friends and using credit cards to make payments to the scammers. This situation led to losing her car, home, and ability to purchase groceries.

      Key Details from the Report:

      • Scam Website URL:
      • Scam Name: Lighten Networking Cash App
      • Contact: Vernell Sheppard, associated with the username ‘mittie43’
      • Transaction Hash: 1B8NDe6xZpytzHgScP4nEYarMKrkj186tZ

      Documents Involved:

      • A fraudulent “Letter of Guarantee” from the “Royal High Court of Justice”
      • Communication screenshots discussing Bitcoin transactions

      Please come forward if you’ve encountered similar scams. Share your story to help others avoid the same pitfalls and assist in ongoing OSINT investigations. Help us gather more information to prevent these scammers from causing more harm.

      Stay vigilant, protect your personal and financial information, and never send money or personal details to unverified parties.

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