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      A new scam targeting artists in the NFT space has come to our attention. An individual, posing as a buyer named “von Web3,” is collaborating with others to defraud artists by orchestrating fake transactions on a counterfeit OpenSea Discord server. They use the guise of a legitimate purchase to trick artists into paying non-existent fees.

      Here’s how they operate and what to watch out for:

      – Scam Operation: A fake buyer offers to purchase an NFT for a high value, such as 7 ETH, but insists that the artist covers various fees as part of the transaction.
      – Scam Names: “Rebecca never DM, rebeccalowee”
      – Fake Discord Server: Posing as an official OpenSea server, they create a sense of urgency and authenticity to deceive the artist.
      – Scam Website: – This is a fraudulent link and not the official OpenSea marketplace.
      – Cryptocurrency Involved: Ether (ETH)
      – Receiving Address: 0xeB8be1A4cB33637b6D27618d7D163e831b688699 – This Ethereum address is associated with the scam. Do not send funds to this address.

      If you are an artist or NFT creator, please exercise extreme caution when engaging in transactions, especially with unknown parties. Legitimate platforms like OpenSea do not require you to pay fees upfront to sell your art. Always verify the identity of the buyer and the authenticity of the platform before transferring any funds.

      For those conducting OSINT investigations, any communications, transaction records, and addresses linked to this scam could be crucial in tracking the perpetrators.

      If you’ve been contacted by “von Web3” or have encountered similar scams, cease all communication and report it to the appropriate cybersecurity authorities. Share your experiences to alert and protect the community.

      Remember, in the world of digital art and NFTs, due diligence is your best defense against scammers.

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