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      We urge caution regarding the fraudulent website, which has been implicated in a scam leading to significant cryptocurrency losses. If you’ve encountered this site or any associated transactions, please be aware of the risk.

      Details of the scam include:

      • Scam Name: Blockchain
      • Scam Website URL:
      • Known Receiving Addresses:
      • bc1qlqtqhnm9x5v9derhl870gkuk0ev3t4qd3nm08y
      • bc1q495lqr9gjnn85f3mz8lz3pdc7ey93pvj5syu9w (appears in multiple transactions)
      • Transaction Hashes:
      • 5f2941aacdd383d6160b236628426c4f4ade3f275fe8cd1f79a2b96bb7824ea9
      • 86069e31c4a0370e3790dcbc4aa03657cc9477be63ee935a9c47a9e4b70b381b
      • b9578f007e77067f581b8462addec0a36834ef40ef951cf7cba0a35e6ce5f0de

      If you have been victimized by the same scam, it’s important to share your story. Doing so helps build a case and increases the possibility of tracking the perpetrators. Additionally, sharing may alert others to the danger and prevent further losses.

      If you’ve been scammed by this entity, please come forward with any additional information you may have. Every piece of data can be crucial in tracing the scam’s operations and potentially recovering lost assets.

      Remember, scammers often use similar tactics, and by uniting and sharing information, we can strengthen the fight against such fraudulent schemes.

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