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      I invested $3,200 in Bitcoin through a family friend on Facebook, unaware that her account had been hacked. The hacker, posing as my friend, managed the investment. After daily messaging for over a month, they finally revealed the account hack and demanded an additional $2,000 for me to retrieve my funds. Following their instructions, I set up an account with Coinzoom, and the money was then transferred to Asset Capital Holdings. I continue to receive emails claiming that money is being added to my account. However, attempts to wire money to my bank were marked as pending or appeared successful without actual deposit.

      When I reached out to them via email and the site’s chat function, they demanded fees and personal information, including my Social Security Number, phone number, and a copy of both sides of my driver’s license, allegedly for IRS 1099 form verification. Suspicious, I asked for their tax ID number to confirm their legitimacy, which led to the termination of our chat. I have documented all transactions, saved messages, and taken pictures of the chat. I offered my bank’s contact information for account verification, but they insisted that I wasn’t complying with their rules and refused to release my funds until I did.

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