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      I wish to bring to your attention a serious scam perpetrated by an individual known as “Tony Davern,” who has been involved in fraudulent cryptocurrency transactions, resulting in substantial financial losses. The scam involves the sale of social media accounts, specifically a Twitter/ username, for substantial amounts of Bitcoin, only for the seller to reclaim the accounts and block the buyers, causing both financial loss and emotional distress.

      Details of the Scam:

      • Victim’s Loss: $2,000 (valued at $3,000 due to cryptocurrency valuation changes).
      • Scammer’s Alias: Tony Davern.
      • Method: Sale of Twitter/ username, subsequent reclamation, and blocking of the buyer.
      • Admission Evidence, Scam Evidence and Victim Stories, and Bitcoin Transaction.
      • Scammer’s Contact Information: Multiple email addresses and a phone number were provided in the original complaint.
      • Social Media Involvement: Multiple Twitter, Twitch, Reddit, and Discord accounts were implicated.

      Please come forward if you have been affected by a similar scam or have had any interactions with “Tony Davern” that led to financial loss, especially in cryptocurrency. Sharing your story could help prevent future scams and assist in ongoing OSINT investigations to track down the scammer.

      It’s crucial to approach online transactions, especially cryptocurrency ones, cautiously. Scammers like “Tony Davern” exploit trust and technology to commit fraud. By raising awareness and sharing information, we can help protect each other from similar scams.

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