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      We have been notified of fraudulent activities involving a website claiming to be involved in cryptocurrency transactions. The scam, known as KGQV, has affected several individuals who have reported unauthorized withdrawals and transactions.

      Relevant Details for OSINT Investigations:

      • Scam Website:
      • Known Receiving Address: TA3769LaYJaWLPYuzccVK5xbn1Zbd4zcf1
      • Transaction Hash: ee046ea625c128a658501a699c326bc47d8a341c6d6c956fc839dd64c119a66f

      The victim has reported a total loss of $1300 through seven payments to this fraudulent operation.

      If you have been affected by transactions involving this website or address, please come forward and share your story. The more information we gather, the faster we can act to solve these cases. Your contribution is vital in ending such fraudulent schemes and providing justice to those wronged.

      We understand the urgency of this matter, especially since the funds involved represent significant savings. We are committed to assisting promptly and efficiently.

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