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      Scam URL:

      Scam Activity: Faking SingularityNET, a legitimate cryptocurrency platform.

      Details of Scam:

      A scam victim has reported a fraudulent website mimicking SingularityNET ( As a refugee and a single mother, she invested in AGIX coins for long-term savings. Amidst the chaos of war and loss, her MetaMask wallet holdings in AGIX became her family’s main financial hope. Unfortunately, scammers targeted her investment and drained her account.

      Transaction Hash Indicating Fraud: 0x5acfdb4815e2b018d8ae67b9d1a77072605464668b07b80836441364b81f8b9f

      Receiving Address: 0x[A9801085...E4372d06c] (partial)

      Please share your story if you’ve encountered a similar scam or have transactions linked to this fraudulent activity. Your information could be crucial in an OSINT investigation to track down the scammers and, hopefully, recover the funds. Let’s unite our efforts to fight against such malicious acts and support those impacted.

      To the Crypto Community: Have You Been Scammed by

      If you or someone you know has been affected by this scam, please share your experience. Every piece of information helps build a stronger case to track down the perpetrators and support those affected.

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