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      Community members are urged to exercise extreme caution regarding a sophisticated cryptocurrency scam that has come to light. The scam involves a platform called “,” promoted through a commercial on Instagram, enticing users to join a trading group falsely claiming affiliation with Fidelity Management Group.

      Scam Details:

      • Dollars Lost: $240,000
      • Location of Targeted Individual: PA, USA – 19406
      • Scammer Location: PA
      • Scammer Contact Number: (252) 250-3530
      • Date Reported: December 11, 2023

      Victims were drawn into the scam with the promise of lucrative trading opportunities within the so-called “Falcon Project,” requiring a substantial investment of $200,000 to participate. Those who did not join this project were subsequently blocked from the platform. The operation appears to involve multiple individuals, with Susan aggressively encouraging victims to invest more for higher profits.

      The scam artists went to great lengths to appear legitimate, including using names and IDs mimicking those of real Fidelity Management Group employees and convincing participants to verify this false information online.

      If you have been affected by this scam through “” or have interacted with individuals claiming to be from Fidelity Management or similar fraudulent schemes, you are encouraged to share your experience. Providing details such as the method of initial contact, any communication with the scammers, transaction records, and the approach used to persuade you to invest can be instrumental for Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) investigations. This information could help track these scammers’ activities and possibly aid others in avoiding similar traps.

      Be wary of any investment opportunity that requires a large upfront payment or promises unrealistic returns. Always verify the legitimacy of investment offers and the entities behind them through independent, reliable sources.

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