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      A recent complaint has been filed regarding a cryptocurrency scam involving demands for payment in a blackmail scheme. The scam operates through daily harassment, insisting that a payment of $64 is required to collect supposed funds.

      Details of the Scam:

      • Nature of Scam: Blackmail
      • Scam URL:
      • Amount Requested: $64

      This scam involves regular harassment and intimidation tactics to coerce individuals into making unnecessary payments.

      Have you received similar demands from the URL provided or related contacts?

      Do you have additional information, such as contact email addresses, phone numbers, or cryptocurrency addresses associated with the scam?

      Have you experienced a similar pattern of harassment or been a victim of this scheme?

      If you’ve encountered this or a similar scam, your story can provide valuable insight and assist in collective OSINT efforts to track and report such fraudulent activities. We encourage you to share your experiences to help warn and protect others within the community. Please provide any pertinent details while ensuring your personal security and privacy.

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          These pole on this fake web page are insisting $64, over n over they don’t stop, do not believe these scare here

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              Hello Steven,

              It’s concerning to hear that you’ve been subjected to this type of aggressive and persistent demand for money. Rest assured, legitimate companies do not engage in such behavior. The site you’ve mentioned is clearly operating a scam through intimidation tactics, which is a serious offense.

              Please do not respond to their requests or click on any links provided. If you haven’t already, report this incident to your local cybercrime authority. Also, consider blocking the sender and securing your personal information.

              Thank you for bringing this to the attention of the ScamCrypto community. Your alert helps others to be wary of such scams. If anyone else has encountered this or has more information, please share your experience to help prevent further incidents.

              Stay safe,

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