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      A significant alert regarding FXTM TRADING, operating through the website, for potentially unauthorized financial activities within the UK. Individuals are strongly advised against engaging with this firm to avoid falling victim to fraudulent schemes.

      Important Details for OSINT Investigations:

      • Questionable Website:
      • Reported Addresses:
      • Unit 2, Solent Industrial Estate, Shamblehurst Lane South, Southampton, SO30 2FX, UK
      • 33 Nuthatch Dr, Ball Ground, GA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, 30107
      • Contact Email:

      FXTM TRADING is not authorized to offer or promote financial services or products in the UK, raising serious concerns about its legitimacy and intentions. Engaging with unauthorized firms poses a significant risk of fraud and financial loss.

      If you have been in contact with or affected by FXTM TRADING/ or encountered similar scams, sharing your experience is crucial. Your insights can aid in OSINT investigations and help prevent others from being deceived by similar fraudulent operations.

      We invite anyone who has interacted with FXTM TRADING or has more information about their practices to come forward. Details such as transaction records, communications, or any other pertinent information could be invaluable in understanding and exposing the scam.

      Please share your stories and any additional information you may have about FXTM TRADING/ or related scams. Together, we can take steps to inform and protect the community from these fraudulent activities.

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