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      We are issuing an urgent warning about a firm known as INFINITYORBITINVEST, which has been flagged for potentially offering or promoting financial services without proper authorization. Individuals are strongly advised to avoid dealings with this firm and to be vigilant against scams.

      Important Details for OSINT Investigations:

      • Website of Concern:
      • Reported Address: Unit 19-20 Woodville Park, Glasgow
      • Contact Telephone: 012013736184
      • Email for Support:

      It’s been noted by regulatory authorities that this firm is not authorized to operate within the UK and may be actively targeting UK residents. The public must exercise caution as the contact details provided by such firms may be false or belong to unrelated, legitimate entities.

      For those who have interacted with or have been impacted by INFINITYORBITINVEST, we invite you to share your stories and any additional information you may have. This could include transaction details, communication records, or any other documentation related to your dealings with them.

      By coming forward, you can help in the collective effort to track the activities of this firm and potentially aid others who may be at risk of similar scams. Your insight is invaluable in helping to halt the operation of unauthorized schemes and protect the integrity of the financial community.

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