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      URGENT COMMUNITY NOTICE: A scam has been reported associated with Shearings Global at, promising online job opportunities.

      A single mother experiencing financial difficulties and seeking employment was enticed by the prospect of an online job. Initial interactions appeared legitimate, but the scam turned out to be a scam, resulting in a loss of approximately $3000.

      Case Details:

      • Cryptocurrency: Ether/ERC20 Token
      • Transaction Hash: 0x51eb51a7c2ee036ab382ca178d3fcf6c9a3aa0fdb22846562fd906b5a5770cc2
      • Receiving Address: 0xA17121cD466b29F41a889562133b86b459b7C9F3

      Transactions have been made to the receiving address, which is linked to the fraudulent scheme, including amounts of 0.00492 ETH, 0.0074220657 ETH, and 0.0083747937 ETH.

      If you’ve been approached by this scam, interacted with the website, or made any transactions to the receiving address, please come forward and share your experience. You are not alone, and your story can help prevent others from becoming victims.

      Your vigilance and actions can make a difference. Sharing your story can help safeguard the community. Please report any suspicious activity related to this scam to help stop their operations.

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          I’ve got a so-called tourism agent job but all I’ve done some freaky trip flows to gain a Holiday Package with 6% profit. But all the time I get this Package I have to recharge my account which means I have to put my money. First time it was 38 CAD and I did the recharge via traditional bank transfer. Eventually by the end of the 36 trip flows I’ve earned 203 CAD. I could withdraw that money only via crypto wallet. I never used one before and my agent was so freaking persistent so I could open one in order to withdraw. I’ve spend 2 days searching for that company as a scammers and I couldn’t find any information about them at all. I needed money so I decided to open my first crypto wallet. First one got blocked because I indicated them. I still wanted this 203 CAD pathetically. I opened second crypto wallet even though I knew that it was wrong. I’ve reached out to another new member on that so-called team. That guy from Australia also wanted to earn easy money I suppose but he got everything under control somehow. I have withdrawn money and wanted to earn more simply because I was deceived by that new member. Later I understood that this new member wasn’t new at all. After 2 days I decided to push my luck again. This time my mentor gained massive 4x Holiday Package allowing her to withdraw $6800. I received 23% out of her rebates. It was my turn to gain “profit”. First Holiday Package and I had to put $200 and next one $600 and the one after $800. I was so afrad to put money on the 3rd one. But I remembered the rules that Holiday Package bundle is triple times profit. I didn’t have the money to proceed. I asked my mentor to help me financially if I get 4th Holiday Package. Now now here I am with 28/36 trip flows to complete the task for withdrawal received -$1600 to recharge and all of that in crypto!!! I wanted help from my mentor but she refused to help me by saying that she has only $300 and all the $6800 was her husband’s money. I was devastated because I knew once I put money again it with double and I won’t be able to recharge -$3000. I would be more likely a homeless person. I decided to investigate and still don’t have any answers. I got 8 trip flows to complete the task and I’m scared as hell to put any money into that scam. The person who hired me don’t answer my messages anymore but my mentor is still encourage me to put money. I’m a newcomer to Canada. I didn’t find a job and was scammed. I’ve only recieved a government financial aid and found accommodation to live. I wasn’t ready to throw all my money away. All the “colleges” I asked about their recharges answered me that this is random and they all jealous of my profit but I know that it is a scam!!!
          Can you please investigate and uncover this company’s true nature. I want my money back and I want them to be punished.
          Provided me their fake license. Operates in Telegram! Have their own group chat where people share their daily earnings. No one ever receiving -$1600 unlike me.
          Their web site description:

          I can provide you with the telegram group: Mountain Skies_F.GroupšŸŽ¹ It is a closed group but I think I could add you.

          I can provide you with screenshots where my mentor is telling me that this job is not entail a monetary investments.
          I was desperate to earn something online and it was a casino. They let me earn something until I lost 1800 CAD on crypto wallet.

          Can you pay attention to their web-site page “Info”? A lot of mistakes in their words!!! Scammers!

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              Hello Verdefous,

              Weā€™re truly sorry to hear about your distressing experience with the fraudulent scheme masquerading as Shearings Global. Your detailed account of how this scam operates is alarming and is precisely the kind of information that can aid others in avoiding similar traps.

              Please do not attempt to complete more trip flows or send additional funds. These scammers prey on hope and desperation, and it’s clear that this operation is designed to extract as much money as possible from its victims.

              Your willingness to share details like the Telegram group and the interactions with your mentor can be very important in an investigation. Collecting and preserving all evidence, such as screenshots of the Telegram messages, the website links, and any other communication, is crucial.

              We encourage you to report this information to the local authorities and the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre as soon as possible. While recovery of the funds is uncertain, taking these steps is important for stopping the scammer’s activities and warning others.

              Additionally, consider reaching out to organizations that support newcomers in Canada. They might have resources or advice for those who have been victims of scams.

              Your action can prevent this from happening to others and may contribute to shutting down the scam. Thank you for coming forward, and we wish you the best in resolving this difficult situation.

              Best regards,
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