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      On July 31, 2023, I received what I believed was a Microsoft alert that my computer was locked due to malware. I called the provided number and was shown through CMD that foreign entities were attacking my IP address. They offered to monitor my computer for 24 hours. The next day, August 18, at around 10:30 am, I was contacted by Hardin Scott from Microsoft (employee ID MST 9788, security code 75690). He conducted a CMD analysis and claimed that hackers had transferred money at 4:30 am and downloaded porn at 5:10 am, which alarmed me greatly.

      I was then contacted by Daniel Green, claiming to be from Scotia Bank headquarters. He advised me to withdraw $9,700 to prevent a fraudulent transaction from going through. Following his instructions, I withdrew $3,000 from Scotiabank at Dundas and Brook and $6,700 from another branch near Dovercourt and Bloor. I was instructed to deposit this amount into a Bitcoin machine at 1762 Dundas W., Ultramar Gas station, and other locations, with the promise that it would secure my funds.

      I deposited the money and received confirmation codes and QR code receipts. Later, Mr. Green asked me to withdraw additional funds from CIBC, but I refused to invest more in Bitcoin. He insisted, but I explained my health condition and need for medication. I began to suspect that the real scam involved Bitcoin. Only after making the deposits did I realize the extent of the scam and that Bitcoin machines were more widespread than I thought.

      I eventually saw through the scam, realizing that I had been deceived by both Scott, who claimed to be from Microsoft, and Greene, the supposed Scotiabank executive. Despite the loss, I did manage to get Greene to send me a receipt for the $9,700, though it’s of no value. The involved phone numbers were 1-513-409-1753 (main number for Mr. Greene), 1-510-327-2013, 1-805-678-6977, and 1-844-437-1733. I still have an appointment for more deposits on August 25. The actual amount deposited was $9,730 due to the machines’ limitations. I have all the phone call records and other evidence on my cell phone.

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