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      I came across an ad for Maine Coon kittens. The seller and I agreed on a total payment of $330, with an initial $100 for the delivery of the kitten and the remaining $230 to be paid upon delivery. However, I received a message from the delivery service stating that the kitten had arrived and I needed to pay an additional $300 for a pet crate, as it was too late for shipment but would be sent out the next morning. The following day, they requested another $300 for insurance, which seemed legitimate, so I paid it. Then, I was asked for yet another $300 for a city permit. I refused to pay this time, as the costs had far exceeded our original agreement, and I requested the seller to cover the extra cost, which led to a dispute. Despite asking, I did not receive any confirmation, and when I finally got a tracking number, it was nearly an hour after the kitten was supposed to have been delivered. In total, I sent the seller $100 and an additional $600 to the delivery service, resulting in a loss of $700 without receiving the kitten. I feel taken advantage of and heartbroken, as I was expecting to receive a kitten that never arrived.

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