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      Dear Community,

      I’m here to share a critical review of ScurryHighCryp ( and its associated scams. This comes in light of a distressing report from a victim in Orland Park, Illinois, who lost $1,000 to this deceptive operation.

      The ScurryHighCryp Deception

      1. Initial Report: A BBB report indicated a scam involving hacked social media accounts to promote Ethereum profits, leading to a financial loss.
      2. Modus Operandi: The scammer hacked a friend’s Instagram, promoted fake profits, and directed the victim to ScurryHighCryp, where they made a $1,000 transaction. Additional fees were later demanded, and the victim was blocked upon refusal.

      Investigating ScurryHighCryp

      – Domain Details: Registered in January 2022 through NameCheap, Inc., the site is no longer operational, signaling potential fraudulent activity.
      – Web Hosting: Hosted by, Inc., but with obscured ownership details.
      – Traffic and Authority: Despite a low Semrush Authority Score and minimal backlinks, it reportedly received some traffic.

      Other Suspicious Clones and Connections

      – Website Clones: We found similarities with, suggesting a network of fraudulent sites.
      – Dubious Contact Information: The same address, phone number, and email ( found on ScurryHighCryp were also on, raising red flags.
      – Global Bitfare: Another crypto investment site,, shares traits with ScurryHighCryp, indicating a broader scam network.

      Public Reviews and Warnings

      – Lack of Authentic Reviews: No genuine reviews of ScurryHighCryp were found, with only press releases available.
      – TrustPilot and SiteJabber: These platforms do not contain any reviews for ScurryHighCryp, further obscuring its legitimacy.

      Final Verdict

      ScurryHighCryp is a Scam: The evidence strongly suggests that ScurryHighCryp, along with its associated websites, is part of a scam network designed to deceive and defraud unsuspecting investors.

      Advice to Community Members

      – Stay Vigilant: Be cautious with online investments, especially those promoted through social media or unsolicited contacts.
      – Report and Share: If you’ve encountered ScurryHighCryp or similar scams, please report them and share your experiences to help others avoid these traps.

      Your financial safety is paramount. Always research thoroughly before investing and remain skeptical of too-good-to-be-true offers.

      Stay safe and informed,

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