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      Attention crypto users: A severe security breach has been reported involving MetaMask wallets and a fraudulent website. If you have recently interacted with suspicious sites or individuals claiming to help with cryptocurrency transactions or airdrops, especially on Discord servers, please exercise extreme caution.

      Details of the incident:

      – The victim was contacted on a Discord server and tricked into entering their MetaMask passphrase on a phishing site, leading to a compromised wallet.
      – Scam Website: A fake site that mimics a crypto wallet service ( was used to phish for the victim’s credentials.
      – Compromised Address: 0x41289DA6253303986e6A4795014f0e341798efa6
      – Concern: The victim fears the upcoming Pandoshi airdrop might be stolen by the scammer.

      If you have visited similar websites or have been in contact with potential scammers, follow these steps immediately:

      1. Disconnect your wallet from any suspicious websites.
      2. Transfer your assets to a new, secure wallet as soon as possible.
      3. Contact the support team of the cryptocurrency or platform involved to inform them of the breach.
      4. Report the phishing site to web security services to prevent further attacks.

      For those conducting OSINT or tracking potential scams:

      – Monitor the compromised address using blockchain explorers.
      – Look for any outgoing transactions, especially following airdrops or expected transactions.
      – Report findings to cybersecurity authorities and blockchain asset recovery services.

      To protect your digital assets:

      – Never share your passphrase or private keys with anyone.
      – Verify all URLs and never manually input your passphrase unless you are certain the site is legitimate.
      – Be wary of unsolicited help offers, especially on social media platforms and forums like Discord.

      Remember, your wallet’s security is paramount. Take immediate action to safeguard your investments.

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