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      A detailed and complex cryptocurrency scam has been reported, involving an individual who was led to believe in a lucrative investment opportunity through the IndoEx TV platform. The scam began with a job search on, leading to communication with a scammer through various means, including email ( and WhatsApp, under the pretense of engaging in short-term trading of Ethereum (ETH). The scammer, who introduced himself as LiYu Lin of Luoyi Trading Co, Ltd., persuaded the victim to invest over $286,650 with promises of high returns. The funds were transferred directly to staff on the crypto platform, with subsequent demands for additional payments under various pretexts, ultimately resulting in significant financial loss without any return.

      Scam Details:

      • Scammer’s Email:
      • Initial Contact Number: (647) 477-1863
      • Secondary Contact Number: (647) 477-3419
      • Lawyer’s Contact Number: (647) 660-7952
      • Website:
      • Location of Targeted Individual: ON, CAN – M5T 3A2
      • Type of Scam: Cryptocurrency
      • Dollars Lost: $286,650
      • Date Reported: December 30, 2023

      The scam involved a series of steps designed to build trust and extract as much money as possible from the victim. To lend credibility to the scam, legal and official involvement was fabricated. The victim was led to make payments for unlocking funds, risk margins, and a so-called “green channel” fee, all of which resulted in no return and a complete loss of contact from the scammer’s side.

      For OSINT Investigations:

      • The provided email, phone numbers, and website are crucial leads that can be investigated to uncover the identities behind this scam.
      • The mention of a specific address (160 Horner Ave, Etobicoke, ON M8Z 4X8 Canada) and the involvement of a supposed lawyer named Jason could offer additional avenues for investigation.
      • Extensive communication over email and WhatsApp, including shared documents and messages, might contain metadata or other clues that could help trace the scam’s orchestrators.

      If you’ve experienced a similar situation or been in contact with the same individuals or websites, sharing your story can help alert others and assist in tracking down the perpetrators. Your information could provide valuable insights into these scammers’ methods and help prevent further victims. Please include any relevant details, such as communication logs, transaction records, and the methods used to solicit your investments.

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