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      Scam Involvement with,, and Alleged Defi Wallet Platform

      A distressing report has come to light involving a highly sophisticated cryptocurrency scam that has resulted in a catastrophic loss of $149,000 for a victim in MD, USA. The scam was facilitated under the guise of a lucrative investment opportunity in node trading, promising exceptionally high returns in a short period. The scam exploited personal connections, leveraging a long-lost friend to introduce the victim to this deceptive scheme.

      Key Details of the Scam:

      • Initial Contact: Reconnection by a long-lost friend introducing the investment opportunity.
      • Promised Returns: 15% profit within 3 minutes on capital of at least $200k.
      • Capital Investment: Victim invested their savings and took a high-interest loan to meet the $200k capital requirement, including a $75k addition from the scammer to reach the targeted capital.
      • Complex Transaction Process: Instructions were given to wire money through multiple legitimate platforms (, Kraken) to a fake trading platform associated with a supposed Defi wallet and
      • Additional Fees and Taxes: Demands for a security deposit, VIP membership fee, and a 10% profit tax were made, which the victim paid in hopes of accessing their funds.
      • Account Freezing: The victim was informed that their account was frozen due to an investigation into the source of funds, leading to further demands for money to unfreeze the account and avoid legal consequences.
      • Realization of the Scam: The victim was left in severe financial distress, contemplating suicide due to the immense loss and inability to repay loans.

      If you have experienced a similar cryptocurrency scam, especially one involving platforms like,, or any Defi wallet scheme, please come forward and share your story. Your information could be crucial for open-source intelligence (OSINT) investigations and might help identify the perpetrators behind these criminal activities.

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