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      A concerning report has emerged about a website,, which has been implicated in a cryptocurrency scam. Victims are lured with the promise of making money through a series of review tasks, requiring them to deposit money into a crypto account and then transfer it to the scammer. The scheme involves tricking victims into making more deposits to cover a purported negative balance, leading to significant financial loss without any possibility of recovering the initial deposits.

      Scam Overview:

      • Fraudulent Website:
      • Scam Nature: Victims are convinced to deposit money for review tasks, with increasing demands leading to a loss of thousands of dollars.
      • Reported Loss: $2000
      • Victim’s Location: PA, USA – 19020
      • Date Reported: February 28, 2024
      • Scam Type: Cryptocurrency
      • Alleged Contact Number: (707) 733-6912
      • Misused Brand: Claims association with Temu to legitimize the scam

      This scheme is particularly insidious as it exploits victims’ efforts and investments, promising returns on completing tasks that are designed to continually drain their resources. The scam is relatively new, with claims of leveraging the name “Temu” to attract victims, adding a veneer of legitimacy to their fraudulent activities.

      If you have encountered this scam or have been a victim of, sharing your experience can be invaluable. Your information can help warn others and possibly aid in tracking down the perpetrators. Remember, collective awareness is a powerful tool against such deceptive schemes.

      Please exercise caution and thoroughly vet any platform or investment opportunity, especially those involving cryptocurrency transactions. Your diligence can prevent financial loss and create a safer online environment.

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