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      A formal complaint has been lodged against, a website claiming to offer AI models for predicting profitable stocks. The service has been described as highly unsatisfactory and misleading, leading to unwarranted charges. The complainant subscribed to the service after being persuaded by sales representatives on WeChat, only to find the AI stock predictions unreliable. The website highlights successful predictions post-market closure, casting doubt on their accuracy.

      The primary grievance revolves around the subscription and cancellation process. It was noted that the website did not clearly state that the subscription was recurring, nor did it provide an easily visible option to cancel. As a result, the complainant was unwittingly charged for an additional month. Attempts to resolve the issue through WeChat support were futile, and a refund was denied. It was only after contacting Stripe that a hidden login page for canceling the subscription was discovered. Moreover, there were no email notifications regarding the initial subscription, recurring payments, or reminders about upcoming charges, highlighting a lack of transparency.

      Key Details for OSINT Investigations:

      • WeChat Contact: Sales representatives contacted the victim through WeChat.
      • Subscription Issue: No clarity on recurring charges, hidden cancellation process.
      • Communication Channels: Attempted resolution through WeChat support.
      • Payment Processor Contacted: Stripe was contacted to discover the cancellation process.
      • Email Notifications: Lack of email communication regarding subscription and charges.

      Location of Targeted Person: CA, USA – 94612

      Scammer Information:

      • Location: Century, CA – 90067
      • Email:
      • Phone: (626) 378-3637
      • Website:

      Amount Lost: $150

      Date Reported: December 8, 2023

      Please share your story if you’ve been scammed by or have had similar experiences with unreliable stock prediction services. It’s important to expose these deceptive practices and warn others. Your contribution could be invaluable if you have additional information that could aid in OSINT investigations, such as other contact details, transaction IDs, or communication records with the scammer. Let’s help protect consumers from these misleading services.

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