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      Community Advisory: Exercise Caution

      A troubling report has been submitted concerning a scam that appears to target Ether (ETH) holders, executed under the guise of an “Airdrop at KuCoin.” The fraudulent activity is associated with the website, which is not an official KuCoin website. Users are warned against interacting with this site or any communication claiming to be from this domain.

      Key Information for OSINT Research and Victim Reports:

      – Scam Name: Airdrop at KuCoin
      – Fraudulent Website:
      – Transaction Hash: 0x353BE77281E68216885d953D45C7FaC5018Ff728
      – Receiving Address: 0xEbCCDfA313f4e8431C183eADA9A85B988eA718b9

      Individuals who have encountered this scam are urged to share their experiences and any additional details they may have, such as email communications, screenshots, any additional transaction hashes, and sending addresses if available. This information can be instrumental for ongoing OSINT investigations and could help in alerting and protecting the community.

      Have you been targeted?

      Please contribute to the collective effort to track this scam by providing your own narrative and evidence. If you have been affected by this or a similar scam, your story could support others in avoiding the same trap.

      We invite everyone who has information related to this scam to come forward. Collaboration is a powerful tool in combating these fraudulent schemes. Together, we can work towards a safer online environment for all cryptocurrency users. Stay cautious and keep your assets secure.

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