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      A serious complaint has been lodged against a scheme operated through under the guise of “Travelocity.” The affected individual reports significant losses amounting to $4150, alleging fraudulent activities and exploitation of their need for quick financial gains upon moving to America.

      Key Information for OSINT Investigation:

      • Scam Name: Travelocity
      • Scam Website URL:
      • Transaction Hash: 0xE97c891517D404C48310fb3630822D2BeFA2eea9 (This is a unique identifier for the transactions involved in the scam, vital for tracking the funds on the blockchain.)

      If you have engaged in any transactions with “Travelocity” or have visited “” and have conducted financial activities, you might have been exposed to a scam. We strongly encourage anyone who has fallen victim to similar schemes to share their experiences. Your insights are invaluable and can assist in warning others and potentially aid in ongoing investigations.

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          A detailed follow-up has been submitted to our earlier alert about the website posing as “Travelocity,” which can be found at The individual engaged in what they believed to be legitimate tasks for the company, mentored by a person named Minnie Yevtushenko. This activity involved purchasing cryptocurrency and transferring funds under the pretense of work-related tasks.

          Additional Case Details:

          • Suspected Scam Operation: Optimize hotel data for Travelocity mentored by Minnie Yevtushenko
          • Transaction Hash: 0xD2c531305Db965503243cAe3C090CC1Dbd9b5338
          • Fraudulent Method: Participants were instructed to transfer funds between various platforms, including personal digital wallets and Cash App, under the guise of completing workbench tasks.

          The victim has contacted Cash App and their financial institutions, including Wells Fargo and a credit union, for support. They have retained evidence across various platforms, including WhatsApp and digital wallet histories.

          Vital OSINT Investigative Points:

          • Fraudulent website involved:
          • Patterns: The use of fake customer support groups and decoy contacts to report fraudulent activities on the scam site.
          • Evidence: Multiple transactions between the victim’s accounts and those controlled by the scammer(s).

          We urge community members who have encountered this website, interacted with individuals claiming to be from this operation, or have made transactions prompted by such individuals to come forward with their experiences. Sharing your story may help others avoid similar scams and contribute to the broader investigation efforts.

          If you have any information about “” or have been in contact with Minnie Yevtushenko or similar personas, please share your story.

          We can help each other stay safe in the digital world and fight against these fraudulent schemes.

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