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      Beware of the fraudulent website! This firm is not authorized to provide financial services in the UK and may target unsuspecting individuals.

      Fraudulent Details (Source: FCA)

      • Name: SwapBridge
      • Address: 98 Holburn Street, Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom, AB10 6BY
      • Telephone: +31970102814
      • Email:
      • Website:

      If you have been scammed by SwapBridge, please share your story below to help others avoid this scam.

      The scam involving SwapBridge ( reveals a deceptive operation masked behind a veneer of legitimacy. Registered on November 6, 2023, the domain is hosted by Cloudflare, Inc. with its servers located in Toronto, Canada. The website’s domain registration details are concealed through a privacy service provided by Withheld for Privacy ehf, based in Reykjavik, Iceland. This obfuscation of real ownership details is a common tactic fraudulent entities use to evade detection and accountability.

      SwapBridge falsely claims to offer financial services, yet it is not authorized by any regulatory body in the UK. Their contact information includes an address in Aberdeen, Scotland, a UK-based phone number, and an email under their domain, all likely fabricated to enhance their deceptive appearance.

      Despite its short existence, the domain has garnered minimal organic search traffic and backlinks, indicating limited legitimate online presence or engagement. Notably, several backlinks come from websites that discuss or review cryptocurrency platforms, some of which may unknowingly or otherwise be complicit in boosting the scam’s visibility.

      SwapBridge Reviews

      Numerous reviews and reports indicate that SwapBridge is a scam. Victims report being lured with initial low investment amounts (typically $250), only to face aggressive demands for more funds. Attempts to withdraw money are met with obstacles, including unreasonable verification requirements and unresponsive customer service.

      Several victims have shared their harrowing experiences online, describing how they were scammed out of significant sums of money, faced harassment, and even had their identities compromised. Reports on platforms like Trustpilot and ScamAdviser consistently label SwapBridge as a scam, emphasizing its fraudulent nature and the emotional and financial toll on its victims.

      The scam’s sophistication includes using fake positive reviews to build a deceptive online presence and credibility.

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