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      We’ve received reports of a cryptocurrency scam being promoted through an Instagram profile named “Tradewithneo247”. Victims have reported that this scam involves Bitcoin transactions, where the funds are directed to what appear to be fraudulent addresses.

      Key Details for OSINT Investigations:

      • Scam Website: The scam is linked to an Instagram profile (
      • Fraudulent Transaction Hash:
      • bc1qpl87vftw75d265e3387c8v3cvxf7dfggqv2eyv
      • Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin
      • Reported Receiving Addresses:
      • bc1qf84xxmek7x7014dzwj2k27ue23kh9jsqrs94g8
      • bc1qe58cj44gjzzw293p0c4yy3amup7g7x0srrn24g
      • bc1qtlz7mkx0m0yt33afyjrrv24yt37qmmt67ygpnx

      Anyone who has conducted transactions involving these Bitcoin addresses or has engaged with the profile “Tradewithneo247” and suspects fraudulent activity is urged to come forward and share their experiences.

      Your information could be instrumental in tracing the scam’s origins and possibly recovering lost funds. Sharing your story, you help create awareness and warn others of this deceptive scheme. If you have been affected by “Tradewithneo247” or related cryptocurrency scams, please contribute any additional details you may have. Your input is valuable in the fight against online fraud.

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