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      To All Members of the Crypto Community:

      An alarming incident has been reported involving unauthorized cryptocurrency transfers. If you’re dealing with digital assets, please be alert for any suspicious activity.

      Case Breakdown:

      • Unauthorized transfers of cryptocurrency from a personal account.
      • Substantial value loss due to unauthorized transactions.

      Critical Details:

      • Cryptocurrency Affected: Shiba Inu (SHIB) and XYO tokens.
      • Receiving Addresses to Watch:
      • SHIB: 0x7f2aE81d928002a90Af7880f94146bf0B3578761
      • XYO: 0xe7C4514Bc12198Fa10FE64CF54D08aE45f86F2a5
      • Transaction Hash: ea8f0ec1a49ca12b645d3b44224e4b45d33ad9c5c3f05dcba6f9f718f1354a4d

      The victim’s initial transfer of approximately $2,270 in altcoins had escalated in value to roughly $15,000 at the time of reporting. Despite reaching out to Coinbase, the user found that the transactions were irreversible and had not received aid in reclaiming the lost funds.

      If you’ve encountered a similar situation or have information related to the addresses provided, your insight could be crucial. Sharing your experience may help prevent others from suffering a similar fate and assist in the ongoing investigations.

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