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      Hello Readers,

      Today, we’re diving deep into the world of My-Minings.Top, a website that has recently come under scrutiny for alleged fraudulent activities in cryptocurrency dealings. Let’s unravel the truth behind this platform.

      My-Minings.Top Review
      My-Minings.Top has been a subject of concern for potential cryptocurrency scam activities. The website, promising lucrative Bitcoin exchanges, has been linked to questionable practices.

      Domain and Traffic Insights
      – Domain Details: Registered on March 30, 2023, for a year by Alex Grobunich from Russia, the domain’s short lifespan is a red flag.
      – Traffic Overview: Despite being offline and unindexed on Google, My-Minings.Top has left traces across the web, indicating some level of activity.

      Associated Scams and Clones
      – Alex Grobunich’s Network: Alex is known for being involved in other scams, including This connection further tarnishes My-Minings.Top’s reputation.
      – Clone Sites: Reports suggest that My-Minings.Top had a clone at, typical behavior of fraudulent networks.

      Credibility Check
      – ScamDoc’s Trust Score: A dismal 1% trust score indicates high risk. The site’s domain, newly acquired and with hidden owner identity, links to high-risk countries.
      – Scamadviser’s Analysis: Echoing ScamDoc, Scamadviser flags the site for being in a high-risk country, with a hidden owner, and a low popularity rank.
      – Russian and French Website Warnings: Multiple foreign websites have labeled My-Minings.Top as a scam, citing its low popularity and lack of transparency.

      Victim Complaints
      – BBB Complaint: A Bartholomew County, Indiana, USA resident reported being scammed for $122. The scam involved emails luring recipients into exchanging Bitcoin for a fee, followed by demands for more money and personal information.

      Bottom Line
      Considering the evidence:
      – Brief Domain Lifespan: The short life of the domain is a common trait in fraudulent activities.
      – Connection to Known Scams: Alex Grobunich’s involvement in other scam sites is a major concern.
      – Consistent Negative Analyses: Multiple sources independently flagging My-Minings.Top as a scam speaks volumes.

      In conclusion, My-Minings.Top exhibits all the classic signs of a cryptocurrency scam. From false promises to extracting personal information and money, it follows the textbook approach of similar fraudulent schemes.

      To our readers, we recommend extreme caution. Always verify the credibility of such platforms before engaging and avoid sharing personal details or funds with unverified sites.

      Stay safe and informed,

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