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      Hello everyone,

      Today, I present a critical review of Mining Cloud Top, a platform that has raised significant concerns due to allegations of fraudulent activities in the realm of cryptocurrency. Let’s delve into the details and uncover the truth behind this website.

      Mining Cloud Top Review
      Mining Cloud Top was a website that claimed to offer cloud mining services in the cryptocurrency sector. However, it has been mired in controversy and accused of being a scam.

      Domain and Traffic Analysis
      – Registration Details: Registered recently on March 24, 2023, for a year by Alex Grobunich from Russia, the site was protected by Cloudflare.
      – Traffic Insights: Surprisingly, it ranked high on SimilarWeb, with a substantial number of visits, mainly from the US, indicating a high level of engagement despite its newness.

      Credibility Check
      – Scam Detector’s Verdict: received the lowest trust rating of 0.0/100, suggesting it’s a highly dubious site. Scam Detector flagged it for phishing, spamming, and other risky activities.
      – Web Presence: The site is no longer indexed on Google, raising further suspicions about its legitimacy.

      Network of Scam Websites
      – Connections to Other Scams: was part of a network of scam websites linked to Alex Grobunich. Other associated fraudulent sites include,, and several others under different domain names.

      Victim Complaints
      BBB Complaint: A user from Hollansburg, Ohio, USA, reported being scammed, highlighting a deceptive scheme where users were charged a fee to convert digital units to USD. Despite multiple reports, the site remained operational for over a year.

      Bottom Line
      Given its short-lived domain registration, high traffic despite being new, association with a known scammer, and the lowest trust rating from Scam Detector, Mining Cloud Top is undoubtedly a fraudulent website. Users are strongly advised to steer clear of this site and any related platforms.

      Stay vigilant and conduct thorough research before engaging with any cryptocurrency-related services.

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