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      Attention Solana (SOL) Holders:

      We’ve been made aware of an incident in which 4.73 SOL was transferred under suspicious circumstances. The SOL appears to have been sent to an address nearly identical to the sender’s, with the exception of the last letter being capitalized.

      Case Details:

      • Cryptocurrency: Solana (SOL)
      • Transaction Hash: 2sudnwtTQ9fNACFbe3t1T5v7mnbHWxXHW5e6XqcuT4qG88K6ZTtppfuZsgoGi85ihPqybGYjCCPAdbLMW5cvExxU
      • Possible Scam Mechanism: Address manipulation or clipboard hijacking
      • Receiving Address: 6jqAPUF7QMWJnnRZQeWXLBJ1u4BDkESEwwyvReoQXiRM

      This incident may involve address manipulation or potentially a clipboard hijacking malware, where the intended address is replaced with a fraudulent one upon pasting.

      Important Information for Investigation:

      • Verify transaction details through Solana blockchain explorers.
      • Check if there’s a pattern of transactions to the receiving address that matches this scenario.
      • Be cautious of any software or browser extension installed recently that could access clipboard data.

      If you have experienced a similar transfer discrepancy or have sent funds to an address that was altered similarly, please come forward. Your input may help uncover a pattern of fraud and assist others in the community.

      Preventive Measure:

      • Always double-check the address after pasting and before confirming the transaction.
      • Consider manually typing the address or using a QR code if possible.

      Stay vigilant and report any suspicious activity to help the community stay safe.

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