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      Alert to the Crypto Community:

      An alarming scam has come to our attention involving DigitInk Marketing and a website known as Victims are reporting unauthorized transactions and fraudulent activities connected to this company and website.

      Key Details for OSINT Investigation:

      • Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin (and possibly others)
      • Transaction Hash Indicative of Scam: 027aa8ab6450a3cf22dcef299432f3e713fbb16ab04ba98569e4e2cd66c7f0a1
      • Scam Name: DigitInk Marketing
      • Fraudulent Website:

      Warning Signs:

      • Withdrawal requests are stuck “Under Review” and not being processed.
      • Unusual fee structures that do not align with typical exchange or transfer rates.
      • Repeated and consistent transaction patterns that suggest automated or fraudulent transfers.

      We are calling upon anyone who has engaged with DigitInk Marketing or initiated transactions to the website to share their experiences. It’s crucial to collect stories and additional information such as transaction hashes, related wallet addresses, and correspondence that could aid in tracing and halting this scam operation.

      If you have been affected:

      • Please provide any additional details that might assist in identifying and tracking this scam, such as screenshots, emails, or wallet addresses.
      • Your information could be instrumental in preventing further losses and may contribute to a broader investigation.

      Let’s work together to stop these fraudulent activities. Share your story and help us make the crypto space safer for everyone.

      Stay vigilant, Admin Team

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