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      Date Reported: October 27, 2023

      Victim’s Location: NC, USA- 28739

      Scammer’s Information:
      – Website:

      Scam Type: Cryptocurrency

      Description: A victim was lured to through a promotional video on TikTok, offering free Bitcoin for using a specific promo code. After creating an account, they were instructed to make a deposit to verify the account, a practice seemingly common on many crypto sites. Following the deposit, they were told their crypto balance exceeded the withdrawal limit for standard accounts, prompting a need for an additional deposit to upgrade to a premium account. Recognizing this as a scam, the victim refrained from making any further deposits but was unable to withdraw their initial deposit of $448.

      Dollars Lost: $448

      Useful Details for OSINT Investigations:
      – Fraudulent Website:
      – Promotion Channel: TikTok video promoting
      – Scam Mechanism: Requiring deposits for account verification and upgrade to withdraw funds

      Call to Action:
      If you’ve been a victim of or have experienced a similar scam, please share your story. Your insights, including the methods of contact, transaction details, receiving addresses, and any other relevant information, can significantly contribute to ongoing investigations and help prevent others from falling prey to such fraudulent schemes.

      Your experiences are invaluable in the fight against these scams, providing crucial information that can help in identifying and stopping the perpetrators. Let’s join forces to raise awareness and safeguard others from becoming victims.

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