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      Hello Community,

      I wanted to draw your attention to a critical warning issued today by a financial regulatory authority. FLEXFX TRADING, a firm allegedly offering financial services, has been flagged for operating without proper authorization.

      Key Points from the Warning:
      – Firm Name: FLEXFX TRADING
      – Email:
      – Website:

      The regulatory body has cautioned that FLEXFX TRADING may be promoting or providing financial services in the UK without the necessary permission. It is crucial to note that almost all firms and individuals in the UK must have authorization to carry out or promote financial services.

      Risks of Engaging with Unauthorized Firms:

      • No Access to the Financial Ombudsman Service: If you have a complaint, you’ll be left without this crucial avenue for dispute resolution.
      • No Protection by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS): This means that if the firm goes bankrupt or faces other financial issues, you are unlikely to get your money back.

      How to Stay Protected:

      • Deal Only with Authorized Firms: Always verify the authorization of financial firms. You can check the Financial Services Register for this purpose.
      • Be Wary of Contact Details: Unauthorized firms might provide false or misleading contact information, sometimes mimicking legitimate businesses.

      If You’re Contacted Unexpectedly:

      • Always verify the contact details against those listed on the Financial Services Register.

      Stay safe and always do your due diligence!


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