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      Reported Scam Details:

      • Scammer Name: Jamie Li
      • Scammer Contact Number: +1 (650) 304-0918
      • Scam Type: Cryptocurrency Investment Fraud
      • Reported Loss: $53,000
      • Target Location: CA, USA – 94538
      • Date Reported: March 28, 2024

      Description of the Scam: A scammer, identifying himself as Jamie Li, befriended the victim on LinkedIn before moving conversations to WhatsApp. He claimed to have made substantial profits through a platform called ‘bchaintop’ and offered to teach the victim how to invest. After initial deposits, the victim’s account showed significant profits. However, when attempting to withdraw funds, the victim was informed they could not do so due to suspicions of money laundering. They were asked to pay hefty fees for an investigation and wire transfers, which were purportedly necessary to unlock the account. Eventually, the website ‘bchaintop’ disappeared along with the scammer.

      Other Relevant Details:

      • Jamie Li mentioned investing $300,000 into ‘bchaintop’ and claimed to have real estate investments in New York and Florida.
      • The scammer’s last known activity linked him to a new “crypto studio” in Palo Alto.

      If you have experienced similar incidents or can provide any additional information regarding ‘bchaintop’ or Jamie Li, please share your story. Gathering more information can help prevent others from falling victim to similar scams. Your input is invaluable in piecing together the activities of these fraudsters.

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